Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cosi Fun

After picking Reece up at her Aunt Tina's house we took the afternoon and went to Cosi! It had been such a long time since I had been there. The kids loved it. We needed a fun day out and this was great!

 We really wished that Daddy could have come, but he had to work.

 Xander thought he was cool to be able to walk on the rock wall.
 This was a cool sound wave experiement.
 Xander made his own waves.
 Reece was able to pull herself up.
We used our muscles to lift a CAR!!!! :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jonna's Visit

Xander was so excited to have his big cousin down to spend the night for a couple days. Reece went up to spend the night at Jonna's house with the other cousins so it was just Xander and Jonna time! Here are a couple of things we did.
After playing at home all day we went to have some  Fun at the mall!

 Watch out...future golfers here!
Then home to make pizza and brownies! :)

Christmas Morning at the Smalley's

It was a wierd feeling this year to be home on Christmas morning. We are all usually down at the farm, but change of plans were in need this year. So we celebrated the night before and were home on Christmas morning. The kids did a great job of taking turns and enjoying the morning.

 Watch out!! Roller skates!
 Santa brought Xander a big boy bike! But his favorite present was this little dollar dart gun!
 Santa must know what a hard time Reece has waking up in the morning. So he got her an ipod alarm clock.
Our favorite family gift was a TV hunting game Xander got. He was the best with his new hunting vest that he has worn everywhere!

Clark Christmas at the "farm"

Payton and Reece waiting for presents with Marley

The boys love Braxton's new Leap Pad

Love you Rilee!:)

The best dollar gift this year was the "i Pad"!! LOLOL
 Reece got a cool gift from Uncle Greg who came into her class to show them how he looks for fingerprints at a crime scene. Now she can do it!
 Tiff got JD with an extra special Birthday present of whip cream! Happy 25th JD!
All because two people fell in love!

Smalley Christmas

All of the Smalley grandkids ready to open some presents!

The love their Baba (great grandma)!

Love these two!