Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meg's Basketball Game

We were sooo excited to be able to get up and see "the feather" in action! I think her name should be "the fiesty feather"!! LOL

The two young ones kept themselves busy with hand games, power rangers, and Jonna reading Xander her new book she wrote about 5 times! :)

The "big" girls just chillin'

Michigan Trip

We were so excited to take a mini vacation up to Michigan to visit our cousins! When we left on Friday evening there was no snow.....but when we woke up Saturday morning there was 4 inches!! Just enough to go sledding, tubing, and snowmobiling.

Even the big kids had fun!

Madi, Jack, and Jay going down the hill for about the 100th time!:)

 I loved driving the snowmobile! It's like a jet ski/4wheeler on snow!!!

I love her smile!!! :)

Xander was ready to go again!

Breakfast in Bed by Reece:)

One Saturday morning, Reece made us breakfast in bed! Yummy!!
Pancakes and whipped cream for Xander....

Toast and tea for me!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Take the Back Road

 I forgot how much I LOVE to be down at the farm and ride 4 ~wheelers! You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't totally take the country out of the girl!:)
Reece was so excited she was able to drive the big one today and did great!
Xander was happy to be riding with Papaw on his new camo 4 ~ wheeler! They even got Mamaw on it!
 Just got there and had to test them out!
Reece was so excited!

Xander in his glory! Papaw even talked Mamaw into coming!

I think we could have rode all day if it was a little warmer. :)

 Over  the river and across the bridge to grandmothers house we go...
 Just the three of us!
 How cute is this! I think it needs a frame:) lol
Jonah came down to ride with his new wheels!! Sweet!

Sardines Anyone?

This was too funny! Papaw loves Sardines. Joe had just brought him a can and Xander wanted to see what they were. Well....he "thought" he wanted to see them.

 After seeing them...he changed is mind. He went and hid under the pinball machine so Papaw wouldn't try to feed them to him! :) LOL

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Building with Daddy

Enoying a Saturday morning by building with Daddy! Then they used the blocks to build names!

A Night with the Knott's

We had a great evening with some great friends! Josh and Rachel came over with their boys for some Wii and pizza!
Of course Xander is in his cut off and boxers! lol

 Seth, Andrew, and Zachary...the Mario Kart boys!
 Josh was teaching Levi how to play the "piano". He was too funny.
Yes we still love eachother!!!!! :)